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Name: Kim
Age: 14
Location: Ireland
Gender: Female
Form of Self Injury: Cutting
Why do you Self Injure? to deal with anger, pain, rejection, sadness, and to feel like I can control when/were I do it. I am control
When was your first time? Last October 2008
Where do you most often Self Injure? My Right leg, both of my legs, thies, and sometimes wrists, All over my body
What do you use? razors, knifes: Razors, but reacently Knifes as my friend took every single one of my razors but I got new ones.
Do you hide it? Yes, the whole time, I hate that people know.
Anyone know? A few friends, and I think my dad found out, he saw scars on my arm, and I amnt sure will he ask me, but I am pretty sure he knows now too
Ever been in treatment for your Self Injury? No, but 2 of friends gave me numbers and emails and everything to get help but I refuse to
What are you hoping to get out of this community? I want to be able to talk to people who know how I feel and not just act like they know

I have currently: Started Smoking, Drinking, and looking for drugs =/ But I havnt cut in about over a week maybe, but thats only because I spend my money on cigerates, and alcohol so I dont have any money left, My friend took my knife, and blades all of them!!! and threw them away in the park somewere, so there gone! but I Found 2 new blades which is great, but yeah, if anyone wants my msn hotmail me here:
and I Will give you my msn x
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