lifexorxdeath14 (lifexorxdeath14) wrote in bleed_me_dry,

Shalom, i'm new

Name: Alex
Age: 14
Location: USA
Gender: Female
Form of Self Injury: cutting mainly
Why do you self injure? because sometimes when i feel hurt or angry or in pain emotionally i feel that when i cut... it dulls that pain.
When was your firs time? When i was last year around the middle of summer
Where do you most often self injure? on my forearms and my thighs
What do you use? blades and knives. sometimes glass
Do you hide it? i use to. but not anymore.
Anyone know? yes. my parents and my old friends.
Ever been in treatment for your self injuries? once i cut a little too deep and had to go to the hospital. and now i do therapy very often.
What are you hoping for to get out of this community? someone who understands.
i have currently: made a knew scar on my left arm : /
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