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New, First Post

Name: Rachel
Age: Eighteen
Location: California
Gender: Female
Form of Self Injury: Cutting, bruising
Why do you Self Injure? Stress reliever. Keeps my thoughts at bay so I can concentrate and so I can just forget.

When was your first time?
When I was twelve with a metal pick of sorts.

Where do you most often Self Injure?
I used to cut exclusively on my wrists, but I can't because it's too hard to hide. Now I do it on my right thigh.

What do you use?
Eyeliner pencil sharpener blade.

Do you hide it? Yes

Anyone know? Everyone thinks that I don't do it anymore, but only my boyfriend knows that I still do it. I'm glad he's ok with it and doesn't judge me.

Ever been in treatment for your Self Injury? Yes, when I was 13 I was hospitalized for being a danger to myself and others.

What are you hoping to get out of this community? I am hoping to meet other people who are like me so I don't feel as alone.
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